In ancient cultures worldwide, trees are symbols of life, representing a

universe imbued with spirit. The life that trees represent is revered by

humans - worshipped by some -  and a close connection between them

has resulted.  No wonder, then, that trees not only exist “in the wild”,

but are widely associated with a human presence.  They are guests of

honor in parks and cemeteries, but also inhabit places where humans

spontaneously “pop up” -  by campsites, roadsides and even the smallest

of houses in the landscape.

Photographing in the fall and winter, the images of many of these trees

seem bare and forlorn.  Despite the appearance of death, they are very

much alive, nourishing themselves while waiting for the warmth of


The life of trees coexists with that of humans, but also surpasses it.

Spring does not follow the winter of human life. Hence humans long for -

worship, even - The Life of Trees.