I’ve always been a morning person, ergo sunrise holds great significance

for me. I am greeted each morning by it’s spreading light - a faint

glimmer at first, expanding into an instrument powerful enough to

illuminate the world. Despite it’s might, it grows gently from moment to

moment, progressing rapidly, though never in a hurry.


The sunrise is one of the few phenomena that has manifest its presence

daily since the beginning of earth-time.  As such, it has become the

measure of stability, hope and dependability. Beyond this, it reveals

itself as a thing of beauty - not entirely gentle, but with traits which

mirror those of humanity: tranquility, sensuality, even anger, running

the gamut from peaceful to sublime.


The sunrise, then, is intricately woven into the fiber of mankind, diving

deeper than it’s routine concerns , reaching to the very soul of one’s being.