In photography, I find a mode of self-revelation. Photographing that which catches

my eye, I 
discover a deeper meaning and relevance to the images I capture. I am

frequently surprised by 
what these images disclose.

My work results from my reaction to visual cues. Something will snatch my

attention, often 
from the periphery of my sight. The subject may be fleeting or

stationary, but my response is 
consistently spontaneous. I find that the resulting

images bring to consciousness that which was 
previously subconscious.

 These pictures divulge a gamut of experience, from depression to humor, from

angst to peace — 
most of which I am unaware while shooting. Though I do not

follow Astrology, I find my sign 
of Gemini (“The Twins”) to be apt. In my

photography, a duality of my persona emerges to 

 These images describe my nature, but their essence connects with humanity at

large: they depict 
shared aspects of the human condition. Hence, their

consideration becomes a collective 
perception, one with which many can relate.

 A continual work in progress, these photographs reflect my ongoing discoveries

and the nature of the human mind and spirit -- constantly changing, constantly

growing, and ever evolving.