I came to photograph the natural world during my time in South Carolina. It was a serendipitous event, opening a whole new terrain and sensibility for me.  I learned that photographing nature was more than shooting trees and water and such, but revealed the connection - a spiritual one - between man and nature. 

I returned home with this new vision and an ultra wide angle lens.  Concentrating on landscapes, I found it suited me - I liked how the barrel distortion stretched the edges of the frame, giving a sense of movement to the image. The expansiveness of the lens itself could either bring me in and amongst the spaces of an intimate collection of objects, or zoom out to place me in the totality of a broad setting.   And through most of it, I was  at the center of the experience.

Nothing here is constricted: small spaces open up, larger spaces span out.  With a specialized lens and unrestrained spirit, the landscape is wide open.